Chris Jones Wallpaper

During my hiatus, Chris Jones decided he was going to be a major factor for Louisville basketball.  I was high on Jones before ever seeing him play, every article I read about Jones was full of praise.  He hasn’t disappointed since suited up for the Cardinals.  He has been a steady point guard, able to score when needed, and appears to be a solid leader.  With this being his first year playing D-1 basketball, I’m excited for the future with Jones running the point.


Senorise Perry Wallpaper

Anyone that is a fan of UofL Football knows that our backfield is going to be scary good.  They also know that having Senorise Perry healthy and a part of it is going to make it that much better.  There has been a lot of hype in recent weeks about the addition of Michael Dyer, but with the guys we have coming back, Dyer is just an added bonus.  Perry was having a stellar junior year campaign until he was sidelined with an injury after game 10.  All reports from this off season have been that Perry is back in full force, and should be a force out of the backfield again this year.  For the wallpaper I decided to keep it simple and leave plenty of space for your icons on your desktop.  Thanks for looking.


Big Time Yurts Wallpaper

I had to take a break from the Sugar Bowl wallpapers to show some love to a company that has always supported my work.  Big Time Yurts is an apparel company based out of Louisville that creates the most original/creative UofL clothing you’ll find. From the Lexington Is For The Birds billboard, to the #FBBN shirts, BYT always does it big.  Recently there has been some people/companies trying to piggy back off their success, which lead to me create this wallpaper.  If you don’t know what BYT is, do yourself a favor and click right…. HERE.  They have been putting out more items recently, and I hope the trend continues.  Also, check the links below and follow them on social media for updates and give aways.

BYT on Facebook

BYT on Twitter