Run It Back wallpaper

Run it back is a phrase known around cardnation, and soon to be known around the entire sports world.  Made popular by Big Time Yurts (be sure to check our their gear if you haven’t already), “Run It Back” has become the theme for the remainder of the season. Here is a wallpaper, featuring almost the whole team, to help to celebrate the madness.  I apologize for not having Dillon Avare or David Levitch on the wallpaper.  If anyone can find a high res version of them (as close to full body as possible) let me know and I’ll add them into the mix.  Thanks for looking, and thanks to anyone that provided pictures (unknowingly) for this wallpaper. (I know that Matt Wickham took several, be sure to check his work out)


Senior Wallpaper

The Cardinals just finished up senior day in style.  All of the seniors contributed huge today, as the team put up it’s most impressive performance to date.  It’s a little late, but here is my wallpaper dedicated to the seniors.  I won’t go into detail about each, because  I don’t want to tear up, but enjoy the wallpaper.


Wayne Blackshear Wallpaper

Wayne Blackshear has been hampered with injuries most of his career at UofL. He suffered a shoulder injury in the McD’s All-American game, and there has been several other set backs since then.  But so far this season, Wayne appears to be healthy and playing the best basketball we’ve seen from him.  He is more aggressive with his shot selection, and hitting a lot of them.  He had 1 game were his shots weren’t falling, and he kept shooting.  Last year, he seemed to let missed shots get to him and effect the rest of his game.  This year, that doesn’t appear to be the case.  With Wayne healthy, he should be ready for a break out year.


Destination Dallas Wallpaper Series

I know it’s a little late in the season to put up some schedule wallpapers, but, I’m putting up some schedule wallpapers.  There is 1 for most every player (hope to add a couple more when photos become available), and then just a general wallpaper using the “Destination Dallas” graphic I created (iPhone and desktop).  So, choose your favorite player (if you can choose) and represent them on your desktop while keeping up with who’s next up for the Cards.  Thanks for looking.

Destination_Dallas_iPhone Destination_Dallas Destination_DallasDestination_Chane Destination_Hendo Destination_Jones Destination_Luke Destination_Mangok Destination_Rozier Destination_Russ Destination_SVT Destination_Trezl Destination_Ware Destination_Wayne

Montrezl Harrell is good….l

The defending national champions were back in action for the first time on Tuesday, and it was awesome.  Sure, it was an exhibition.  Sure, it was against a D-II team.  Sure, Montrezl Harrell is a beast.  We all heard rumblings over the summer about how good Harrell looked playing for team USA, and now we can all believe it.  Maybe his oop in the Georgia Dome flipped a switch in him, or maybe he had it all along.  Whatever it was, I think we can all expect more out of Montrezl this year.  He plays hard, works hard, and is quickly becoming one of my favorite cardinal in memory.  This is the first of many wallpapers to come of Harrell this season.  He is a very worthy choice for the first basketball wallpaper of the year.   (I’d like to give credit to “Thy-Darkest-Hour” from deviantART for the awesome wings.)



2013 NCAA Championship Wallpapers (1 for each player that saw action)

It has been almost a week, and it still hasn’t set in.  I was there, I saw it happen, and it still isn’t real yet.  On Monday I didn’t only get to see my beloved Cardinals win the first National Championship of my life time, I got to live it.  I had to take some time off to let everything hit, and it still hasn’t done that.  I’ve watched the replay, I’ve watched endless highlights, I still get chills every time Trezl throws down the oop. Maybe this time next year it will all feel like real life.

Enough with the sappy stuff, lets move on to the wallpapers.  I decided to go through a make a wallpaper for each player (that saw action in the tourney) with a similar theme.  I would have liked to have included everyone, as I know they all played a roll, but I couldn’t find pictures of some of the guys.  This is the first of many wallpapers I will be posting celebrating our 3rd Title, so stay tuned for the rest.

Chane_Behanan_Champ Wayne_Blackshear_Champ Tim_Henderson_Champ Stephan_Van_Treese_Champ Russ_Smith_Champ Peyton_Siva_Champ Montrezl_Harrell_Champ Luke_Hancock_Champ Kevin_Ware_Champ Gorgui_Dieng_Champ

Win 4 Ware Wallpaper

The world watched on Sunday as the Louisville Cardinal made another stop on the revenge tour to play the Duke Blue Devils.  Basketball fans across the country tuned in hoping to see another great match up between the 2 power houses, with the winning earning a sport in Atlanta for the FInal Four.  Those fans saw more than just a basketball game, they saw a group of young men that are more than a basketball team.  In the 1st half Kevin Ware went down with a horrific injury, the worst that I’ve seen in sports, but it was what happened following the injury that deserves the headlines.

Moments after watching their teammate, their brother, break his leg the Louisville Cardinals had 2 choices; get distracted and lose the game or win for Kevin Ware.  Ware called the team over and told them to win.  Don’t worry about him, but win the game.  Tears were dried away, emotions checked, and the remaining Cardinals did what Kevin said, they won the game.  We have all read countless stories recapping the events of that day, but the boys have work to do for Ware.  We have a few days before we are back on the court, and hopefully this can adorn your background leading up to the big game.  And hopefully, we can Win 4 Ware.


Gorgui Dieng Wallpaper

Gorgui Dieng doesn’t always put up the biggest numbers, but he is a huge reason the Cardinals are at the top of the polls.  He does what the teams needs him to do, block shots and rebound.  He has shown an improved offensive skill set when needed and always plays hard.  Tomorrow is Dieng’s birthday, so I thought it was a good time to put out my newest wallpaper.  Gorgui is a great ambassador for the university, and there is no one more deserving of a new wallpaper (which is the highest honor).


2012-2013 Louisville Cardinal Basketball Wallpapers (Most players represented)

It is an exciting time to be a Louisville Cardinal; The football team is going to the Sugar Bowl, Charlie Strong is staying, and the basketball team is ranked in the top 10.  This set of wallpapers is to celebrate the latter, with a wallpaper for just about every player on the basketball team.  I know that I’m missing a few, but they will be added as soon as I get pictures to use.  If your favorite player didn’t get a wallpaper, keep checking back, because it’s coming.  Thanks for looking, and thanks to Brandon Pry (Prudat) at for the images.  Brandon takes great pictures and does great design work, so definitely check him out.


Kevin Ware Wallpaper

There has been a lot of talk about Kevin Ware this offseason, and from the feedback I’ve heard from the red/white scrimmage, it is well deserved.  Ware has always had the athleticism to make an impact, but his suspect decision making and ball handling held him back last year. That appears to be in the past, and Kevin is expected to make an impact for the number 2 ranked Cardinals this year.

I’ve done a couple wallpaper with Dieng blocking the moon, and they have gone over well, so I thought I would put a new twist on it.  The picture of Ware was taken by Matt Wickman from Hell In The Hall, I hope to use many more of his pictures in the future.  Take a second to check out his work, you won’t be disappointed.