Teddy Bridgewater Vikings Wallpaper

So I decided to switch gears a little for this one. After watching Teddy’s heroics at the end of his 2nd preseason game, I thought it was time for a Teddy Vikings wallpaper.  So… here it is.  I combine the UofL logo with the Vikings logo, which I think turned out kind of cool.  Hope you enjoy. I will be back with UofL football wallpapers soon.



Big Time Yurts Wallpaper

I had to take a break from the Sugar Bowl wallpapers to show some love to a company that has always supported my work.  Big Time Yurts is an apparel company based out of Louisville that creates the most original/creative UofL clothing you’ll find. From the Lexington Is For The Birds billboard, to the #FBBN shirts, BYT always does it big.  Recently there has been some people/companies trying to piggy back off their success, which lead to me create this wallpaper.  If you don’t know what BYT is, do yourself a favor and click right…. HERE.  They have been putting out more items recently, and I hope the trend continues.  Also, check the links below and follow them on social media for updates and give aways.

BYT on Facebook

BYT on Twitter