Lorenzo Mauldin Wallpaper

When news broke over the weekend that Charlie Strong was leaving to head to Texas the first thing I thought about was how it would effect the players, more specifically Lorenzo Mauldin.  Mauldin has been vocal in his time here about the influence Strong had on him, how he had been father figure to him.  Since the announcement, Lorenzo has made it clear that he was hurt by the fact that Strong didn’t tell him, or any of the players, before packing his bags.  Mauldin is an exciting player to watch, he loves the games, and seems to be an all around great guy.  All that being said, I thought I would do my small part to help him through this tough time.  He will be back next year better than ever.


Teddy Bridgewater Wallpaper

I haven’t gotten the chance to do many football (or any) wallpapers this season.  For those of you that care, I apologize for that.  I did however have some time tonight, and I put together this Teddy Bridgewater wallpaper.  Teddy is clearly a key component in the recent success of the program and he has been a great ambassador for the university.  He is a class act, a fun player to watch, and my pick to build a program/franchise around.  Hope you like the wallpaper.  Time allowing, I’ll have more football wallpapers up before I start to switch gears to basketball.  Thanks for looking.


A.F.R.O.S. Wallpaper

As many of you know, UofL has a scary receiving corp this year.  So scary that they have earned the moniker A.F.R.O.S. (America’s Finest Receivers On Saturdays).  With returning players like Devante Parker and Damian Copland paired with the freshman coming in (including James Quick), they are sure to live up to the name.

I want to give a thank you to Big Time Yurts on providing the “Afro-Helmet” design used in the wallpaper.  You can also find it on a T-Shirt (HERE) that the company created. Be sure to check out the site and find unique and original cardinal gear.  They have always been supportive of my work so I try to do the same when possible.


2013 UofL Football Schedule Wallpaper

This wallpaper is one that I did last year, and just modified the schedule to make it relevant again this year.  This may be my favorite wallpaper that I’ve created, and I’ve been told by a lot of people that they used it all last year, so I decided to bring it back.  We are a week away from the season opener against Ohio, so if there was ever a time to have the schedule on your desktop, it is now.  I plan on releasing a new wallpaper everyday now until game day, so stay tuned for more.  Feel free to send me any request for one of those 6 wallpaper to my twitter (HERE).  Thanks for looking.


Senorise Perry Wallpaper

Anyone that is a fan of UofL Football knows that our backfield is going to be scary good.  They also know that having Senorise Perry healthy and a part of it is going to make it that much better.  There has been a lot of hype in recent weeks about the addition of Michael Dyer, but with the guys we have coming back, Dyer is just an added bonus.  Perry was having a stellar junior year campaign until he was sidelined with an injury after game 10.  All reports from this off season have been that Perry is back in full force, and should be a force out of the backfield again this year.  For the wallpaper I decided to keep it simple and leave plenty of space for your icons on your desktop.  Thanks for looking.


iPhone Schedule Wallpapers

I had a request to put together a couple of iPhone schedule wallpaper for football season, so I did.  I used previous designs that people seemed to like, and added the schedule to them.  This should make it easy to keep up with who is next for Louisville Football.  Dates in red are home games, white are away games.



Calvin Pryor Wallpaper

Calvin Pyror is a name that burst onto the radar of Louisville fans everywhere his freshman year and didn’t slow down for the sophomore campaign.  He started last season by forcing 2 fumbles in the season opener, and finished it with 100 tackles on the season.  If Pryor can keep the progress going, he is going to be a nightmare for opposing teams.


2013 UofL Football Wallpaper (Schedule, Desktop, iPhone)

We are less than a month away from the kickoff of the 2013 football season, so I thought it was about time to start pushing out some football wallpapers.  Some people have requested a schedule wallpaper, which is what this project started out as.  I like the wallpaper with the simple schedule, but I think it is also strong enough to use without it.  I also liked the design enough to turn it into an iPhone wallpaper.  The phrase “Earn It” is apparently the philosophy of the team this year, as many players and coaches were wearing wristbands with the slogan.  Hope you enjoy the wallpapers, there will be more to come before the season kicks off. Thanks as always for the support.






Football Wallpapers

There is a lot to be excited about as a UofL fan, much of which has to do with the fast approaching football season.  A lot of returning players are getting preseason hype, and we expect them to live up to it.  DeVante Parker is returning from a big Sophomore year.  He will likely have a bigger role in the offense this year, which is impressive consider it seemed that every time he caught a pass last year he was in the end zone.  Lorenzo Mauldin is an anchor for our defense, and this year should be a big one for Mr. Mauldin.  With studs like this on both sides of the ball, it should be a great year for Louisville football.  There is also a new iPhone wallpaper, featuring the silhouette of a couple football Cards.

Devante Parker





Year Of The Cardinal Wallpapers

As we all (should) know, this has been an unbelievable year for the University Of Louisville Cardinals.  I started with a win in the Sugar Bowl and ended with a basketball national championship and a trip to the College World Series, with a lot of great moments in between.  I have been a Cards fan for all of my 24 years, and this will be one I will never forget.  From watching the Sugar Bowl at a friends house, to being in Atlanta for the National Championship game, it was a great year to be a UofL fan.  To commemorate this year I decided to make a “Year Of The Cardinal” wallpaper, which I hope does the year an ounce of the respect it deserves.  I know I may have left some of the accomplishments off, I just touched on the big ones.  If  you have any other feats that made this such a great year, please feel free to share and I’ll add them to the design.  Thanks as always for looking.


YearOfTheCardinal YearOfTheCardinalColor