Run It Back wallpaper

Run it back is a phrase known around cardnation, and soon to be known around the entire sports world.  Made popular by Big Time Yurts (be sure to check our their gear if you haven’t already), “Run It Back” has become the theme for the remainder of the season. Here is a wallpaper, featuring almost the whole team, to help to celebrate the madness.  I apologize for not having Dillon Avare or David Levitch on the wallpaper.  If anyone can find a high res version of them (as close to full body as possible) let me know and I’ll add them into the mix.  Thanks for looking, and thanks to anyone that provided pictures (unknowingly) for this wallpaper. (I know that Matt Wickham took several, be sure to check his work out)


Senior Wallpaper

The Cardinals just finished up senior day in style.  All of the seniors contributed huge today, as the team put up it’s most impressive performance to date.  It’s a little late, but here is my wallpaper dedicated to the seniors.  I won’t go into detail about each, because  I don’t want to tear up, but enjoy the wallpaper.


Mario Urrutia Wallpaper

For those of you that don’t know, I’m in intern with the Kentucky Xtreme this season.  The Xtreme is a professional indoor football team that has a lot of ties to the Louisville area.  Among those ties is player/owner Mario Urrutia.  After a few years in the NFL and one in the AFL, Mario decided to come back to Louisville and be part of the Xtreme.


Wayne Blackshear Wallpaper

Wayne Blackshear was a huge name coming out of high school.  He was Mr. Basketball in the state of Illinois (beating out Anthony Davis), a McDonald’s All-American, and a list of other accolades.  Injuries, starting during the McD’s game, have certainly hindered Blackshear’s production at UofL leading up to this season.  All signs pointing to Wayne being healthy coming into this season, and fans were excited to see what he could do at 100%.  This season it hasn’t been injuries that has held Blackshear back, it’s been foul trouble.  When he is on the court, he can ball.  Problem is, he hasn’t been on the court much due to early (and often) foul trouble.  Pitino decided to bring Wayne off the bench tonight against Houston, and he responded with a career night.  Here’s to hoping Blackshear can build off of his performance tonight, and continue the solid play.


In Tom We Trust

Tom Jurich is arguably (if you want to argue for arguing sake) the best athletic director in the country.  He has built the University of Louisville athletic program up in every regard, and every sport.  He has made great hire after great hire, expanded facilities, and won on every level.  He has a tough task ahead of him with hiring the next football coach at UofL but, as the wallpaper says, in time we trust. (thanks to Big Time Yurts for the expression.  Check them out if you want awesome Cards gear).


Anton Gill Wallpaper

Anton Gill hasn’t seen much time on the court yet this year.  I think that speaks more about the players in front of him than it says about his abilities.  He’s a talented scorer that is money from deep. I think, in due time, he is going to have a solid career here at Louisville.  When given the opportunity, I think Gill will prove to everyone that he can play.


Terry Rozier Wallpaper

I haven’t had the chance to do a Terry Rozier wallpaper yet, and it’s about time I did.  I was able to watch Rozier in the Derby City Classic 2 years ago, and I had been looking forward to his arrival ever since.  He’s an athletic player with a great ability to score.  He has shown that he can knock down the outside shot and get into the lane.  With maturity he will start to make better decisions as far as running the offense, then he will be scary.


Russ Smith Wallpaper

I don’t need to say anything about the impact Russ Smith has had on Louisville basketball.  His story is inspiring; a kid no one wanted, nearly transferred his freshman year, now he is a possible All-American.  His attitude on the court, and from what I can tell life in general, is fun to watch.  He has fun playing the game he loves, encourages positivity, and has worked as hard as anyone we’ve seen at UofL.



Lorenzo Mauldin Wallpaper

When news broke over the weekend that Charlie Strong was leaving to head to Texas the first thing I thought about was how it would effect the players, more specifically Lorenzo Mauldin.  Mauldin has been vocal in his time here about the influence Strong had on him, how he had been father figure to him.  Since the announcement, Lorenzo has made it clear that he was hurt by the fact that Strong didn’t tell him, or any of the players, before packing his bags.  Mauldin is an exciting player to watch, he loves the games, and seems to be an all around great guy.  All that being said, I thought I would do my small part to help him through this tough time.  He will be back next year better than ever.