Anton Gill Wallpaper

Anton Gill hasn’t seen much time on the court yet this year.  I think that speaks more about the players in front of him than it says about his abilities.  He’s a talented scorer that is money from deep. I think, in due time, he is going to have a solid career here at Louisville.  When given the opportunity, I think Gill will prove to everyone that he can play.


Terry Rozier Wallpaper

I haven’t had the chance to do a Terry Rozier wallpaper yet, and it’s about time I did.  I was able to watch Rozier in the Derby City Classic 2 years ago, and I had been looking forward to his arrival ever since.  He’s an athletic player with a great ability to score.  He has shown that he can knock down the outside shot and get into the lane.  With maturity he will start to make better decisions as far as running the offense, then he will be scary.


Russ Smith Wallpaper

I don’t need to say anything about the impact Russ Smith has had on Louisville basketball.  His story is inspiring; a kid no one wanted, nearly transferred his freshman year, now he is a possible All-American.  His attitude on the court, and from what I can tell life in general, is fun to watch.  He has fun playing the game he loves, encourages positivity, and has worked as hard as anyone we’ve seen at UofL.



Chris Jones Wallpaper

During my hiatus, Chris Jones decided he was going to be a major factor for Louisville basketball.  I was high on Jones before ever seeing him play, every article I read about Jones was full of praise.  He hasn’t disappointed since suited up for the Cardinals.  He has been a steady point guard, able to score when needed, and appears to be a solid leader.  With this being his first year playing D-1 basketball, I’m excited for the future with Jones running the point.


Lorenzo Mauldin Wallpaper

When news broke over the weekend that Charlie Strong was leaving to head to Texas the first thing I thought about was how it would effect the players, more specifically Lorenzo Mauldin.  Mauldin has been vocal in his time here about the influence Strong had on him, how he had been father figure to him.  Since the announcement, Lorenzo has made it clear that he was hurt by the fact that Strong didn’t tell him, or any of the players, before packing his bags.  Mauldin is an exciting player to watch, he loves the games, and seems to be an all around great guy.  All that being said, I thought I would do my small part to help him through this tough time.  He will be back next year better than ever.


Montrezl Harrell

I haven’t had much time to put new designs up, and I apologize to those that care.  I’m going to do my best to put time aside to focus on this site and continue to provide wallpapers that people enjoy.  This one features Montrezl Harrell.  This makes a few Harrell wallpaper pretty close together, but the dude is a beast.  He’s an exciting player to watch, and therefore has some sweet pictures to choose from.  Hope you like this wallpaper, the new logo, and new look to the site.  Thanks for looking at it all.


Wayne Blackshear Wallpaper

Wayne Blackshear has been hampered with injuries most of his career at UofL. He suffered a shoulder injury in the McD’s All-American game, and there has been several other set backs since then.  But so far this season, Wayne appears to be healthy and playing the best basketball we’ve seen from him.  He is more aggressive with his shot selection, and hitting a lot of them.  He had 1 game were his shots weren’t falling, and he kept shooting.  Last year, he seemed to let missed shots get to him and effect the rest of his game.  This year, that doesn’t appear to be the case.  With Wayne healthy, he should be ready for a break out year.


Destination Dallas Wallpaper Series

I know it’s a little late in the season to put up some schedule wallpapers, but, I’m putting up some schedule wallpapers.  There is 1 for most every player (hope to add a couple more when photos become available), and then just a general wallpaper using the “Destination Dallas” graphic I created (iPhone and desktop).  So, choose your favorite player (if you can choose) and represent them on your desktop while keeping up with who’s next up for the Cards.  Thanks for looking.

Destination_Dallas_iPhone Destination_Dallas Destination_DallasDestination_Chane Destination_Hendo Destination_Jones Destination_Luke Destination_Mangok Destination_Rozier Destination_Russ Destination_SVT Destination_Trezl Destination_Ware Destination_Wayne

Basketball Schedule Wallpaper (100th Season Celebration)

In a little over an hour the defending National Champion Louisville Cardinals take the court in their first regular season game of the year.  Not only is this a special game because the National Championship banner will be raised before hand, but it also kicks of the 100th basketball season for the school.  This is the first of many schedule wallpapers I will be posting in the next couple of days, and I thought it was right to start off celebrating a milestone for the program.


By alucas1505

Teddy Bridgewater Wallpaper

I haven’t gotten the chance to do many football (or any) wallpapers this season.  For those of you that care, I apologize for that.  I did however have some time tonight, and I put together this Teddy Bridgewater wallpaper.  Teddy is clearly a key component in the recent success of the program and he has been a great ambassador for the university.  He is a class act, a fun player to watch, and my pick to build a program/franchise around.  Hope you like the wallpaper.  Time allowing, I’ll have more football wallpapers up before I start to switch gears to basketball.  Thanks for looking.