Year Of The Cardinal Wallpapers

As we all (should) know, this has been an unbelievable year for the University Of Louisville Cardinals.  I started with a win in the Sugar Bowl and ended with a basketball national championship and a trip to the College World Series, with a lot of great moments in between.  I have been a Cards fan for all of my 24 years, and this will be one I will never forget.  From watching the Sugar Bowl at a friends house, to being in Atlanta for the National Championship game, it was a great year to be a UofL fan.  To commemorate this year I decided to make a “Year Of The Cardinal” wallpaper, which I hope does the year an ounce of the respect it deserves.  I know I may have left some of the accomplishments off, I just touched on the big ones.  If  you have any other feats that made this such a great year, please feel free to share and I’ll add them to the design.  Thanks as always for looking.


YearOfTheCardinal YearOfTheCardinalColor



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