Stephan Van Treese Wallpaper

Stephan Van Treese is a name that a lot of people outside of the UofL fan base may not know, but he is playing a big roll in the teams recent success.  Van Treese was set the transfer over the off season but things worked out and he was able to stay, he is making the most of the opportunity.  He has provided a spark off the bench, and is seemingly around the ball on every miss.  He isn’t a guy that is going to fill up the stat sheet, but he brings more to the table than what shows up on the box score.  I think we can all agree that SVT has become a fan favorite, and rightfully so.  I haven’t done many wallpaper of Mr. Van Treese over the years, so here is a much deserved wallpaper.

And, shout out to Brandon Pry at for the picture.  He always provides me with the highest quality images to use, and he does amazing design work himself.  Be sure to check him out.


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