Gorgui Dieng Wallpaper

Gorgui Dieng doesn’t always put up the biggest numbers, but he is a huge reason the Cardinals are at the top of the polls.  He does what the teams needs him to do, block shots and rebound.  He has shown an improved offensive skill set when needed and always plays hard.  Tomorrow is Dieng’s birthday, so I thought it was a good time to put out my newest wallpaper.  Gorgui is a great ambassador for the university, and there is no one more deserving of a new wallpaper (which is the highest honor).


Teddy Bridgewater Sugar Bowl Wallpaper

Teddy Bridgewater was not only instrumental to getting UofL to the 2013 All State Sugar Bowl, he was also one of the many reasons they pulled off the biggest upset is BCS history.  After getting hit illegally on his first drop of the game, Teddy came back and hit Florida right back.   He ended the game throwing for 2 touchdowns and 266 yards, and took home the MVP trophy.  Bridgewater will be back under center next year, and looking to lead the Cards to an even bigger victory in January.


Big Time Yurts Wallpaper

I had to take a break from the Sugar Bowl wallpapers to show some love to a company that has always supported my work.  Big Time Yurts is an apparel company based out of Louisville that creates the most original/creative UofL clothing you’ll find. From the Lexington Is For The Birds billboard, to the #FBBN shirts, BYT always does it big.  Recently there has been some people/companies trying to piggy back off their success, which lead to me create this wallpaper.  If you don’t know what BYT is, do yourself a favor and click right…. HERE.  They have been putting out more items recently, and I hope the trend continues.  Also, check the links below and follow them on social media for updates and give aways.

BYT on Facebook

BYT on Twitter



Devante Parker Sugar Bowl Wallpaper

Devante Parker has been one of the most exciting players to watch on this UofL football team, he continuously makes the big plays.  When in the redzone I would toss it up to Devante every time, and 9 times out of 10 he would come down with it (and that is with me throwing it).  His TD grab in the Sugar Bowl was not only a great catch, but it summed up what he has done for this team all season.  This is my first wallpaper for Mr. Parker, but definitely not the last.  Take a look and let me know what you think.  I will have more Sugar Bowl wallpapers coming in the next week or so, stay tuned.


2013 Sugar Bowl Champion Wallpaper (Desktop and iPhone)

Last night the world watched as the Louisville Cardinal go into the 2013 Sugar Bowl expecting to watch the #3 Florida Gators run them off the field.  That expectation may have been tempered a bit 15 seconds into the game when Terell Floyd intercepted the first pass of the game and took it back for 6.  The Cardinals continued to shock the world for the next 4 quarters and stunned the Gators with a 33-23 victory.  It marks the biggest upset in BCS history, and the biggest with for this UofL program.  Charlie Strong and company proved all the doubters wrong, and now have a lot of momentum going into next year.  No one showed respect for the Cards going into the game, but they will now.

Here is the first of several Sugar Bowl wallpapers that I will be posting in the coming days/weeks.  I wish I could give every member of the team, staff, and fan base their own wallpaper but I’ll have to settle for choosing a handful.  Thanks for looking, and Go Cards!