Mike Marra Wallpaper

Earlier this week news came out that Mike Marra had once again torn his ACL, this time likely ending his playing career.  Marra never really had a chance to show what he could do at UofL because of injuries, but  I was always a big fan . Mike’s.  Sure, he was a streaky shooter, but he could be an exciting player to watch.  He could jump out of the gym and when he got hot, watch out.  Since his career is likely over, this is likely the last Mike Marra wallpaper I will do, so I hope everyone likes it as much as I do.  This is my way of thanking Mike for his time at UofL, and hoping he has a quick recovery.


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By alucas1505

One comment on “Mike Marra Wallpaper

  1. Very Sad for Mike and his Cardinal family,to be robbed of his potential is sad! Having said that Mike’s Sentinel family has been and will always be very proud of his accomplishments in representing his hometown with such grace! Go Cards, the Sentinels will always be routing for you and you have Mike to thank for that!

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