Kevin Ware Wallpaper

There has been a lot of talk about Kevin Ware this offseason, and from the feedback I’ve heard from the red/white scrimmage, it is well deserved.  Ware has always had the athleticism to make an impact, but his suspect decision making and ball handling held him back last year. That appears to be in the past, and Kevin is expected to make an impact for the number 2 ranked Cardinals this year.

I’ve done a couple wallpaper with Dieng blocking the moon, and they have gone over well, so I thought I would put a new twist on it.  The picture of Ware was taken by Matt Wickman from Hell In The Hall, I hope to use many more of his pictures in the future.  Take a second to check out his work, you won’t be disappointed.


Peyton Siva Wallpaper

The first basketball wallpaper of the 2012-2013 season goes to Peyton Siva.  Earlier today Siva was voted preseason Big East Player of the year by the writers, which is good enough reason for me to make a new wallpaper.  Siva is obviously going to be a big part of the team’s success this year, and there isn’t a player I would rather rely on.

I want to give thanks to Brandon Pry at and Mike Rutherford at for the pictures used in the wallpaper. I look forward to seeing and using their pictures this season.  Check out their sites and show them some love.

Mike Marra Wallpaper

Earlier this week news came out that Mike Marra had once again torn his ACL, this time likely ending his playing career.  Marra never really had a chance to show what he could do at UofL because of injuries, but  I was always a big fan . Mike’s.  Sure, he was a streaky shooter, but he could be an exciting player to watch.  He could jump out of the gym and when he got hot, watch out.  Since his career is likely over, this is likely the last Mike Marra wallpaper I will do, so I hope everyone likes it as much as I do.  This is my way of thanking Mike for his time at UofL, and hoping he has a quick recovery.


By alucas1505